Comunismul in Romania

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Un material pe care nu-l veti gasi in presa romaneasca de azi.


If you did anything that even slightly annoyed them, they would either drug you, beat you or put you in a straitjacket ” anything to keep you quiet, he says. The back of his head is lashed with scars.


A healthy child placed in one of these orphanages? he says, his voice catching. Give it one year and that child's hopes and dreams and future have been taken away from him.


Izidor opens the floor for questions. People congratulate him on his successes, so impressive because they are so unlikely: At age 11 he was plucked out of the orphanage by an American family in California and now lives in Denver, where he supports himself with two low-wage jobs. Being a professional orphan is, as he wryly calls it, his third job.

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