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Ael Edwin Ouon

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I am a fan of AEL Limassol. I want to tell to you some truth about Edwin Ouon cause I am watching the news and they say to your fans that edvin ouon is closed to Steaua.

First of all edvin ouon is closed to AEL for more 2.5 years and AEL for give him wants the less 1.000.000 EURO. They say to you that AEK Athens wants that player too. If you see some news about AEK has got big economical problems and they trying to find some people to not close the club. The most expensive player is 250.000 in romanian (I don't know if its true) and Ouon gets arround 300.000..So you will want arround 1.300.000 Euros (the minimum) to get this player..

I just say this to you because I know how a fan feel when he waiting for a very good player..

Edvin Ouon is the best and for gone from my team we need money..So its difficult to leave


Your coach don't know that when he gone from AEL edwin ouon signature for more 2.5 years. He thinks that his signature finish now.. But he signuture a new one for 2.5 years

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Thanks for the info. This should have been posted in the English section of this forum.


The owner of this team is a delirious euro-shepherd-and-delinquent who introduced a new "crisis policy" to this club.


He wants to transfer new players with the maximum price of 110.000 euros and the maximum salary for a player must not go over 120.000/year (10.000/month).


Some of us don't really care anymore for this team, since it was taken away from fans and used by the current owner to make more money for himself, and removed the usual team objectives that were in place for many years. He is only interested in competitions where he will get money. He doesn't care about fans anymore. No more traditions, no more respect for the fans, no more respect for the glories of this club.


So, we don't really care about any new players coming to the team in this moment. Some of us really hope that the crazy shepherd will sell the only good players and bring in new not so very good players. We also hope that the current team does not reach the objectives established by the current owner. And these objectives are to play in Champions League or Europa league.


We hope that by loosing money he will sell the club to someone with brain, competence and patience to lead this club to glory once again.


So, this transfer will eventually fail because the shepherd will not accept to pay more that 110.000 euros for him.

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