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  1. Thanks a lot, Adidwu. They are two good photos. You have been very kind to me.
  2. Hello again, my friends. I keep looking for some image showing Cornel Mirea (a central defender, born in 1963, who played for Steaua, Dinamo B., Victoria B. and Progresul), and another image showing Eusebio Adrian State (a forward, born in 1968, who played for Steaua, Otelul, Arges Pitesti and Farul Constanta). Are they on the pictures that I share with you, that belong to Steaua and Dinamo?. Would you please, put a mark above them if they appear on the images?. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks a lot for your message, 0anonim0. I´ve been reading it with a great interest. Now I´d like to share with you the press chronicles from 1991 published by El Mundo Deportivo (The Sporting World, a newspaper from Barcelona). The pictures showing how Steaua and Sporting did play are made by me. I hope they are right, but if you find any mistake, please tell me. Would you talk to me about how was the ambience on the stands in Bucuresti in 1991?. Did people sing, shout, drink, or what while they were looking to the Steaua´s matches?. Was it cheap or expensive to see football on the stadium?. Would you, please, write a little description of how was the way Steaua´s footballers used to play, their strengths and weaknesses?. I could do the same about Sporting´s players if it is useful to you. And, of course, I´d be glad to see some photograph from those matches of 1991, or press chronicles. Cheers.
  4. Thanks, Empyro, I´m very glad to be receiving your help. Here in Spain we usually believe that Steaua was a team supported by the army of the ancient communist power. Was this true?. And then, do we have to suppose that all the players belonging to Steaua in the 70s or the 80s were, at least, friendly and faithful to the communist authorities?. I guess they just loved to play football and to get their money that way, but I´m not sure. Where did Steaua got its money from?. Was a public enterprise, owned by the army or the communist party, or just a private club?. Could you tell me something about Dinamo and Steaua, the rivalry, what do they represent?. Why are you supporters to Steaua and not to Dinamo?. In Gijón there is only a big football club. Gijón was still that year 1991 a very industrial town, with 250,000 inhabitants, big works of steel and ship building, and a strong movement of trade unions. In another words, a working class´town with a strong socialist-democrat party in a very young democracy after a 40 years´fascist-conservative dictatorship. The day before Steaua played at El Molinón stadium, red and white players didn´t do their training as a way to give support to a general strike in the region of Asturias. And Rumania had got its freedom only 2 years before. 1991 was a very strange and difficult year in Rumania, I suppose. On the grass, a very good Steaua defeated my Sporting de Gijón. I saw both of the games on TV. Here you can see a good image from the first of them, an amazing image showing Abelardo and Luis Enrique when they were only kids playing for Xeitosa, and two of our best players in 1991 (Bulgarian creative midfielder Iordanov and Swedish left winger Nilsson). Young star Juanele passes by Ungureanu and Dumitrescu. October 24th, 1991 (Sporting de Gijón - Steaua).
  5. Jaime scored against AC Milan. He, too, scored the goal number 1.000 for Sporting de Gijón.
  6. Bal_n_dividido_en_el_Sporting___Milan.bmp
  7. In the match played at El Molinón stadium there were some riots between the Spanish police and the Italian supporters. President Silvio Berlusconi got to the stands to negotiate with the policemen. Berlusconi_con_la_polic_a_en_El_Molin_n.bmp
  8. Thanks, Lorimer, for your help. I trust in you. Please don´t forget the photos showing Cornel Mirea and Eusebio Adrian State. About Sporting de Gijón, the victory over AC Milan is still remembered on Sporting´s fórums. We think about it as our best moment in Europe. Sporting missed the best goalkeeper in our history, Ablanedo II, who was injured then. The team was a mixture of young players who weren´t strong enough, and some good veterans. The young Eloy was very pressed to become the star of the squad, because the Uruguayan striker Wilmar Cabrera wasn´t able to score. Joaquín was the man who put the quality, and unfortunately he couldn´t play the retour match in Italy. Joaquín would be our captain still 4 years later, when we visited Bucharest. Of course, AC Milan was a clearly better team than Sporting, but a good defensive match and a great goal by Jaime gave us the victory in Gijón. In Lecce, the red and white team didn´t have any chance. But we blame mostly the referee, the Yugoslavian Petrovic, who blowed two penalty kicks for tackles commited outside the box. I didn´t see the match in Gijón, but I know that it was an ugly match between two sides who played a very shy game. The new AC Milan was still in formation, and Sporting de Gijón was not able to play better. I´ll try to send to you some images son. I´m not able to understand very well this forum.
  9. Thanks, Lorimer, for reading my message. I don´t want to get any ticket, indeed. I just want to give to a PowerPoint file, or a Hoffmann album. So, I just would like to see the fotos, the tickets, the press chronicles, etc on this forum (or on another site, if you know any). Besides this, maybe you would help me, as I need some data about a few players in the Steaua´s squad from 1991. I´d like to get a photo showing Cornel Mirea (a central defender, born in 1963, who also played for Dinamo B., Victoria B. and Progresul), and another photo showing Eusebio Adrian State (a forward, born in 1968, who also played for Otelul, Arges P. and Farul Constanta). I´m interested too in getting the height and weight of the same Cornel Mirea, and the ones of Toni Ionel Sedecaru (right defender, born in 1967), Bogdan Bucur (central defender, born in 1970), Aurel Silviu Panait (right defender, born in 1968), and finally Iulian Minea (forward, born in 1969). All of them played in the UEFA´s Cup 1991-92, faced Sporting de Gijón, and now I´m trying to make a picture showing all these players and their data on the pitch. I´ll be glad to share this picture with all of you when it´s fulfilled. Thanks a lot, in advance!. Really, Ilie Dumitrescu was a very powerful player. I believe that the victory of Steaua in 1991 was very just, as Sporting had anything to do in front of players like him, Galca or Vladoiu. Did Dumitrescu usually play on the left or on the right side of the pitch?.
  10. Viziteaza-mi Site-ul October 24th, 1991 (Gijón) Viziteaza-mi Site-ul November 7th, 1991 (Bucharest) Great rememberings...
  11. Hi, guys!. This is the first time I write to my friends in Romania. I live in the northern shore of Spain, and I´m a football fan of Sporting de Gijón. Surely most of you remember the amusing matches that faced in 1991 Steaua and Sporting. I´m trying to get from several sources a row of pictures, videos, press reports, personal data, etc about those matches from October 24th, 1991 (Gijón), and November 7th, 1991 (Bucharest). I was only 23 years old then, and now I´m longing for getting some good aid to my rememberings. I´m sure you will help me. I offer you some pieces from my stuff.;d=1384478799 Dumitrescu;d=1385174611 Joakim Nilsson, Swedish midfielder, with Sporting´s shirt in 1991