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  1. Full respect, brothers!!
  2. As far as I know, there is a possibility to raise a banner in support to you protest, but i'm not 100% sure. We'll see soon.
  3. @pytycrys, we're not protesting anymore. Everything between us and our owners is alright now and that's the most important thing. We won the SuperCup after beating Litex 1-3 and our players are 100% ready for tonight - game versus Lokomotiv Sofia. Haha, ok, good luck in the group stage then. By the way, in the last meeting between us we won 2-1.
  4. Haha, why do you think he's not good enough, friend ? De ce crezi că nu este destul de bun?
  5. FORZA MAGICO Milan I hope there's a lot of Milan fans in Romania . Romanian talent Cristian Daminuţă is playing for the Milano club. Sper că există o multime de fani Milano in Romania. Roman Cristian Daminuţă talentul este un jucator de AC Milan.
  6. Mate, don't pay too much attention, most of the things written in the newspapers are bullshit. That's exactly what he said: "In this phase there isn't weaker or stronger opponents. Every team is good enough. We've been eliminated two times before, but now I think it is our turn to eliminate Steaua. It will be a tough match, that's for sure, but I believe we will succeed this time." Todor Yanchev is not that sort of person, I assure you. He respect every opponent and don't speak bullocks in front of the media like Ciobanul for example. By the way, I really respect very much your team and Romania as a whole. For our chances: I agree Moraes is a good player, but we have even stronger forwards like Michel Platini and Spas Delev. Moraes is a gifted footballer, but he's not in his best form at the moment. You gotta agree with that. I hope for a good atmosphere at Cluj-Napoca stadium and to watch nice football. Our manager Milen Radukanov is romanian speaking, by the way. Cheers!
  7. Hello everyone! Here, we can talk about the forthcoming match between the two most successful teams in Romania and Bulgaria - Steaua and CSKA. Greets from Bulgaria and good luck in Romanian championship, but we'll be rivals on the pitch for 2x 90 mins. P.S. We'll never forget Thank you for everything, brothers!