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  1. Ok, thanks for the answer :) So if now Gardos going to Southampton Lukasz will play with Varela in defensive. It's nice to hear that he identify with club and have good relations with fans. Also because of knowledge of Romanian language he must have good reputation there.


    I have been looking for news and informations about Łukasz in Romanian press. I have one question,what this article is talking about? It's the latest information i found in Romanian press about Łukasz. Could you translate? Thanks in advance ;)

  2. Hi my friends, I want to ask you to tell something about Lukasz Szukala, polish defender of Steaua.


    What do you think about him?

    Is he popular player for fans in Romania?

    How important is he for your team?

    What relations he has with fans?

    What do you know personally about him?

    Do you know some informations about his private life?




    Thanks for answers and greetings ;):steag_cruce_invers:

  3. I think that banner wasn't sarcastic. Most of polish supporters give their support to their brothers that are in jail. It's a very popular theme in polish ultra scene( I think it's a residue after fighting with communism and now with our law and state),so i'm not suprise that they want to show solidarity with Gigi.

    Moreover the second part of banner was about "Hanior",ex-hooligan of Legia who was captured by police because of selling drugs. He started to cooperate with police and "sell" some other Legia supporters. Now Legia fans insult and challenge "Hanior" because he is a police informer. (text about it: Because of him Legia capo "Staruch" was in jail by 8 months. So I think that this banner was 100% serious.

  4. I know that Ciorba is gypsy,but the song is romanian and people in videoclip also(?). This video is very specific and became very popular because many people in polish villages looks very similar :D And we can't wait for his concert there. If you have contact with Ciorba please tell him or text him to come to Poland :)

  5. Thanks :) I think that rap is so much popular in Poland because of situation there. We are ex-communist country and after collapse of communism in 1989 there were many problems like unemployement. In 90s unemployement in Poland was over 20%,young people don't have perspectives to have a job and many of them spend times on the streets and combine how to survive. Situation was difficult,many of them start to drink alcohol,steal and deal drugs. Most of them support their local football team and some of them start to train martial arts,so it began their only passions in live. And many young people from streets start to make rap to describe their lives and situation in our country. Of course there are not only "street rap" in Poland,but most texts describes real life there. In last 5 years in Poland appears very many hip-hop artists,most of them promoted by old rappers who are real legends. I think that our scene is still developing and make progress. Now rappers start to be more innovative,not only reproduce schemes from past. So, to sum up I think that we have one of the most interesting rap scene in Europe ;) I suppose that Romanian rap is also on high level,because you are intelligent nation and our countries are very similar. :) Cheers!