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  1. adamı götünden sikeriz ultrAslan coreografia wonderful.. you Steaua fan ?????? :biggrin:
  2. Congratulations.. good luck Champions League
  3. **** YOUR MOTHER SON OF A BİTCH [email protected] add you cowardly bastard
  4. yes.. you to protest ram ??
  5. stanici+del piero= son of a bitch
  6. forza galatasaray.. ultrAslan to capture Romania..
  7. GS-leverkusen=Godfather coreografia GS-fenerbahce=knock out bjk-GS=away coreografia and turkısh cup GALATASARAY-fenerbahce=fred dont speak.. forza ultrAslan 11 august 2008 GS-Steaua= dıe Steaua coreografia
  8. forza Galatasaray and Milan anti Steaua :D
  9. good player Dica