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  1. I am pleased to join this and since I was small I would like to encourage this team .. :biggrin: I want to extend the service of some good to excellent and the two clubs are old .. players from one very high and the price is very suitable for us, and I would like to Athtdt with an official of the club is to have any official information or Club President Phil tells me in the case .. Electronic Aoberid me an official from the club Thank you :steag_steaua_ro:
  2. Hello I am a new member of this forum but it is difficult to talk about and understanding in the Romanian language, I hope to find a forum in German or English language .. Anaahq me and my team this will Tstvdon of woman football .. Maahznni and in the past few days is the phenomenon football player or Elton Jose Gomez when he went on favorite teams I adore this team and this player very Adore It found the player Elton José English language .. We will send this site in the next few days .. I hope that one way to understand I am happy because this site is in the Romanian language is difficult to understand and reading, and I hope one benefit of electronic mail: @ I hope that the responses to the subject in the English language Thank you