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  1. I was on match Zaglebie - Steaua and I have a question: Why were there only eight Steaua's fans? Problems with tickets? After that match Polish fans hope that in Bucuresti Zaglebie will win 2-1. In 3rd round opponent will be Bate or Hafnarfjoerdur so Champions League is very anigh
  2. I have a question for Romanian supporters: Are Sorin Ioan Paraschiv and Gabriel Ioan Paraschiv brothers or cousins?
  3. Thanks :biggrin: Draw in match Araz Imisli - Groclin Grodzisk is a shame. But GKS Belchatow played much better - they won 2:0 Ameri Tbilisi (Ameri in last UEFA Cup edition almost eliminated Hertha Berlin).
  4. Golkeepers situation has been cleared. Number one will be Robinson Zapata, member of the Copa America. Congratulations for good transfer!
  5. Steaua - GKS Belchatow 2:2. Scorers: Dica '45 '68 - Costly '32 '33. This result satisfy us. It's good prognostic before UEFA Cup, where I hope GKS will perform a success. Surely Romanian fans are not happy but it's only sparring Carlos Costly is Honduran striker and a member of Honduras national football team. He scored two goals in Gold Cup's match vs Mexico and he was player of the match. We hope he will be Polish League star.
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=SizCrm-Wii8 - Golanski's goal vs Estonia Steaua made a very good transfer. "Golo" is the best polish right defender (except Marcin Wasilewski from Anderlecht Brussels) now. He made 5 appearances and 1 goal in Polish national team. I hope Golanski will happen world class player because Steaua is much better club than Korona Kielce. In Steaua he has chance to advance.
  7. I saw information about Pawel Golanski on home page of this servis. Does it mean that Golanski join Steaua? It's in Romanian language so I don't know what does it mean. Could anyone Romanian user translate that news? Thanks in advance
  8. Oh yes, he play in Boavista. My mistake Who will be number one in Steaua? Reportedly Andrey is 2nd Julio Cesar but last season Cornel Cernea was "1". And one question yet: Which team of those you hate intensely: Rapid or Dinamo? @SSK Ok, I will be continue discussion in that section. Sorry for littering the topic but I don't know romanian language
  9. Hello Romanian friends. I know some about your team and I know that Steaua is very solid team, Champions League matches proved that. Our Zaglebie has got weaker squad, so we hope "Miedziowi" do again Artmedia's achievement (they made a miracle - matches vs Celtic, Partizan). Maybe you know players like Maciej Iwanski or Wojciech Lobodzinski - our biggest stars (?). But Steaua has bigger stars - Carlos Fernandes (near the Portugal squad in Euro 2004), Nicolae Dica (goals in Champions League), Banel Nicolita (good matches in UEFA Cup 05/06) and others. I wish you good luck but I hope Zaglebie will be in 3rd round of preliminaries Salut!