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  1. Instead of proposals of fan gear(scarfs,banners,etc) exchanges they keep posting photos of their stadium.What about photos of the team or Hagi taken by themselves?????? So much for being civilased
  2. Duminica l-am vazut pe Cyril in Carrefour cu 3 scaune in cos deci 3-0!!!!HEHEHEH
  3. Joi seara ora 0:00 P-ta Universitatii din nou plina!!!!
  4. Eu zic ca cel putin scoatem un egal in Ghencea!!!Pt ei meciul decisiv e acasa si nu cred ca o sa preseze si i-am putea face pilaf.HAI Vali DA-LE GOL,Vali Vali Vali
  5. Ar fi de vis UN EGAL.Toti latraii o sa exclame din nou ca la meciul cu Real!!!! FORZA Steaua>>>faci un gol sau un egal :lol:
  6. FORZA Steaua HAI EGALU' ce sa mai speram....
  7. Deja am intrat in spasme,nu mai am rabdare poate Dumnezeu ne va zambi si facem un egal.....FORzA Steaua
  8. da asta cu petardele e buna!heheh
  9. Cica s-a rupt Ghionea???WTF???Asta ne mai trebuie acum...
  10. SUNT BATUT IN CAP>>>si sincer ma doare in fund de ce zice Becali,eu nu trebuie sa fiu de acord cu el sau sa fac ce zice el.Eu nu vad decat Steaua ca asa vreau eu!
  11. erator: Welcome to Talk Football Expert Chat! Moderator: FC Steaua Bucuresti star Nicolae Dica will be with us in ten minutes. Moderator: Could you make sure your qestions are in English please - thank you! Moderator: Hi guys. We will be starting any second so keep the questions flooding in. Thanks! emanuel: What is yout overall assesement of the Lyon loss, and do you think that not scoring against one of the top defenses in UEFA can lower Steaua morale for the upcoming encounter with Real Madrid? Nicolae Dica: Against Lyon we met a very strong team and everyone saw that on the pitch. We know that Real Madrid are one of the best teams in Europe but we will give everything in that game to continue our quest in the Champions League. Our morale is fine. Claudiu-Mark: Nicolae, i wish to play for Steaua some day, from botosani Romania, and i wonder, how is the youth program in Steaua? Nicolae Dica: The youth program is very good. I speak to my Romanian team-mates all the time who play for big European clubs and it seems that our system is as good as theirs. I can assure you that here at Steaua we have great facilities and excellent coaching and that any young players who come here will receive professional advice. Good luck! cf_STEAUA_BUCURESTI: why don't you play as a striker instead of a midfilder, due to your impressive attacking skills? Nicolae Dica: As second striker I have great licence to influence matches as I can come from behind the main striker. I like that a lot. If I stayed as an out and out striker, or as a normal midfielder I feel that I will be a bit limited and have less influence on the matches. I'm happy where I am! Alfonso: what do you think of peter crouch? Nicolae Dica: I like him very much. Last night he scored two beautiful goals! I was really impressed by the way he got over a difficult start at Anfield and he showed brilliant character to come back and show his talent. Now, I would say that Peter Crouch is among the best strikers in Europe. Dave Nugent's mum: If you could give three pieces of advice to people who want to become top players what would they be? Nicolae Dica: My three pieces of advice would be to a) behave well, b) work hard all the time, and c) to have a lot of confidence in your own power. Alfonso: Who would you pick in your fantasy team? Nicolae Dica: My dream team is this; Casillas, Zambrotta, Puyol, Cannavaro, Grosso, Diarra, Juninho, Reyes, Govou, Ronaldinho and Klose. That is a great team I think! Suciu Dragos: Which person had the most influence in your football career? Nicolae Dica: A lot of people have helped me over the years but I can't forget that special moment at Steaua when the Italian coach Walter Zenga helped me. He was more than just a coach. He helped me very much on and off the pitch. He was a big influence. One F in Finney: Could you talk us through a typical day in the life of Nicolae Dica please? Nicolae Dica: I lead a normal life. I wake up at 10am most days, spend time with my sweet little boy who is just 14 months old, then I have lunch, if I have time I sleep for one hour, then I go to training all afternoon. Afterwards I go home for a meal and relax. After matches, even when some others go to celebrate I normally go home and spend time with my family. interistul80: Dica do you want to leave Steaua for a more bigger club from europe? Nicolae Dica: Yes, I would love to play for a big European club one day. My dream is to one day join a big Spanish club, as I feel the league in that country would suit my game the best. You never know when the opportunity will arrive. I'm happy here but if the opportunity arrives I will say yes to a big club in Spain. Steve the rabbit: How did you learn how to take your free-kicks and how often do you practice? Nicolae Dica: I love to practice free kicks all the time after training. When everyone gets changed I stay for 30 minutes each day to practice them. Lyon's Juninho is the person I look up to most, and one day I hope that I can hit dead balls as brilliantly as him. Maybe this is impossible, but I will keep on trying to improve and become a real specialist. dragos_drls: who do you think are the three teams that have the best chances to win the UCL? Nicolae Dica: I think there are many more than three teams, but I'd say the three best are Chelsea, Lyon and Barcelona. But many other sides have a chance this year. Alex_ultras: Who do you consider the best player from all times? What about the best romanian player ? Nicolae Dica: The best player in the world ever in my opinion is Pele. For Romania, I'd say we have two at the same level, Gheorge Hagi and Nicolae Dobrin Great players in Romanian history. Luka: I would like to ask Nicolae how far he thinks Steaua will go this year in the Ch League Nicolae Dica: I know that we have a very tough group but we have a right to pass the group like everyone else, so we can dream of winning. We will try to do everything we can to finish in a good position. vlad_euinlc: who is your best friend? Nicolae Dica: i am good friend with everyone in the team, but especially the skipper Radoi. He is the godfather to my child and we get on very well. Unfortunately he is injured at the moment and we miss him on the pitch! We are hoping he is back as soon as possible. clsrom: was the Kiev match your best macth ever? Nicolae Dica: I have had lots of great games in my career, but the Kiev game was very special indeed. To score twice and provide an assist in the Champions League was amazing, so yes it would be the best game of my career, and a big honour for me. Steaua17aly: It is a dream to play against Real Madrid? Nicolae Dica: Of course, playing Real Madrid, one of the best teams in Spain and the world, is a dream for lots of footballers and it is a dream for me. I am going to do everything I can to help Steaua to get a good result there and it will be a very magical moment for me to step put onto the pitch of the Santiago Bernabeu. laur: Dica, who do you hold resposable for the lost of the game with Lyon? Nicolae Dica: I think that the whole team are equally responsible for the loss to Lyon. I must not pick just one player, we are a team and accept our results as a team, not as individuals. Lyon are a very, very good team as well, so we cannot be too down on ourselves! Alfonso: Do you think Steaua Bucuresti can win the Champions League again like they did in 1986? Nicolae Dica: I dont think we can win the Champions League in the immediate future, but certainly in the next ten to fifteen years, the team is getting stronger all the time and maybe we can set our sights on the Champions League trophy as the team develops, i think we have a bright future and will be good on the European stage! Nicolae Dica: Thankyou everyone for chatting I have enjoyed it a lot! I hope Steaua get a great result against Real Madrid and then maybe another Steaua player will be asked to chat to you! Goodbye and thanks again... Moderator: Thanks for all your questions guys. Once again you have exceeded all our expectations and shown you are the most knowledgable fans in Europe. Remember to visit us on Matchday 3 when, once again, you can speak to a top UEFA Champions League star! See you next time.
  12. Am pachetu la peluza 1 si aseara am stat in ultimul rand cu picioarele pe gard dar nu dau nici un bilet.Lyonezi au combinat mai bine,au avut un joc de atac mai bun cu finalizari.Daca prindem realu intr-o pasa proasta poate ne calificam,cu toate ca tot in UEFA cred ca am face furori. Ce frumos ar fi sa prindem FINALA UEFA....
  13. Voi nu credeti ca lor le e frica??Altfel nu cred ar vorbi asa.Pot sa ne faca cum vor ei sa vedem ce face echipa pe teren asta e important.Numai ei ne pot face sa ne simtim asa cum ne-au invatat!!!!!DISEARA BUCURIE>>>IN Stefan cel mare v-a ploua din nou cu TV-uri
  14. Your English is very bad, I do not understand you! Try to wriht better! I know about guest rools! But I have my owne too! ))) I do not understand why are you so sure that Steaua better than Dinamo? This is football, and everything can be! Hello anybody home???How can you say my english is VERY bad.Try to see your mistakes and try to learn english [...] NA ZDRAVIE!NOROC CA PROSTIA NU DOARE! Modified. Control your language. The Moderators
  15. I just want to let you know that we hate with a passion everthing that is got to do with the word dinamooie.You'll see that Steaua will be a tough cookie to digest and i'm pretty confident they will score tomorrow.ONE MORE THING TO REMEMBER: You are a guest on this site and please behave like one!!!! I say 1-3 or 1-2 the usual score for Steaua when playing away!!!! FOSSA DEI CAMPIONI!
  16. This first match will be decisive and we will see why Steaua has made it to the semi's in UEFA.One reason why i think will be winners is that the team is very united and tight and another is that they play wery good in away matches!!!! Romania>>>Steaua EUROPA>>>>Steaua EVERYWHERE>>>Steaua THE CHAMPIONS FROM Ghencea!
  17. Si eu sunt la varsta a 2>>>>>31<<<<<<<
  18. 2-0 SI NE VEDEM LA UNIVERSITATE!!!!!!!Dar si un 1-0 nu e exclus!
  19. Stelistilor nu va fie frica le dam un 2-0 sec.....Ne vedem la universitate!!!!!FOSSA DEL CAMPIONI
  20. Deci astept sa intri pe mess sa discutam ca vreau si o esarfa dar nu te vad pe mess!
  21. CLERKS 1si 2,DOGMA,JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK SI sa nu uitam capodopera History of the World si KUNG POW!!!!!! :lol:
  22. TI-am dat PM cand raspundezi?Hai ca iti mai dau unu!
  23. Ti-am trimis PM vreau si eu esarfa!
  24. Pana acum HOLSTEN e cea mai baubila!Sa vedem pana cand mai tine minunea.In rest imi place GUINESS
  25. O sa fie o victorie/razbunare/sarbatoare si nu cred ca ne-ar trebuie mai mult de un gol,vreau sa ii vad pe taciuni plangand de umilinta!!!Mai ales pe baba si pe lucica sa ii vad jos pe gazon la orizontala ca si cum ar fi loviti de aviara! :lol: