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  1. you can donwload the pictures from here.
  2. If moderators allow me, I open this new post for the pictures taken yesterday in the match from my forum you can download all picture, but you must register, verys easy. enjoy
  3. Pelusa returned back after hard night.... ONLY TO SAY - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO CONGRATULATION TO ALL FANS WAS THERE YESTERDAY IN THE STADIUM, UNTIRED FROM MINUTO 1 UPTO THE END, CHAPEAU!!!!!!!!!!! I have many pictures specilly for you, I will pass it you within today. HOPE AND WISH THAT YOU CAN WIN THIS CUP. Thks to all you for the great treament to me IN THIS FORUM. :cry: :cry:
  4. pelusa.. i don't think u know.. Steaua is romanian too... so..there will be two romanian teams jajaja of course, i'm joking, jajaja we will see what happen tonight. good luck.......!!!!!! but for your season
  5. congratulations rapid, al leats 1 romanian team will go ahead in the next round.... :roll: :roll:
  6. I hope more publics than AZ match, in this match was very poor assietence to the stadium.
  7. arty, very nice your explanation plas plas plas
  8. Betis has two differente faces one in "la Liga" other one in europa, but situation it's quite complicate for us.
  9. pufffff shit of match, prefer to go now to the bed to try to sleep something. see you tomorrow
  10. thks you, already uploaded your pictures in our galery. you can see here thks again
  11. ok thks and in the second match I will make my pictures to send all you.
  12. could you pls pass me some pictures for our galety we have not too much of this match!!!!!!!!! thks in advance
  13. exactly I want for the second match 1-0 or other score to our favour but good luck in your season please.
  14. I am glad you agree with me Don't forget that even if your team goes trough, you all might cry a lot a the end of this season!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: jajaja thks you for your reminder, I will not forget, but friend step by step, first one Malaga, thereafter Steaua and I will come back and the end of this season.... jajajajajajajajaja it's very funny that you wish us to go down to the second division jajaja :wink: :wink:
  15. exactly the score it's quite dangerous for us, agreed. +++ at the end?? don't start yet to laugh because there is a possibility to cry... regards