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  1. Ok, first of all guys: good luck against red dogs, though they wear Sevilla colors, I prefer Steaua in Romania; that´s for sure. It´s not I wasn´t confident on my team, it´s only that I try to be respectful: football will always be football, eleven men versus eleven men... you never know. I didn´t want to understimate Steaua, only for bad season in the domestic league. It´s obvious that UEFA Cup this year is stronger than the last one, but I guess our players will try their best for taking the second one. I hope it at least. The problem of TV: Sevilla has a big problem with the TV which owns the rights for the UEFA matches at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. The only European match on TV I´ve watched last year it was the semi-final versus Schalke04 (by the way I watched it in the casino of Dacia), and it was only because a German TV went to Seville and bought the rights only for Germany. It´s incredible, but the UEFA Cup and UEFA Supercup holder doesn´t have its European matches in its stadium on the TV :? .
  2. Yeah, sure I liked it, better writen, I like them, cause every day I used to eat there... you know, fast and cheap. Yeah, man, I knew that, I wrote before that I was living in Bucharest a whole year, and I travelled a lot around Romania. Man, you don't know how much I miss your country, right now, working in Spain. So, it's not so bad finally... And, ending, I want to tell you that I don't think we are in the last 16. It's a match in front of us and we have to play it. And, in addition, it will be in Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan, and I know you have reasons to believe in magic there. We'll see 8O .
  3. You don't know how nice is for me to read your answer in this moment. I'm just eating a shaorma I took in Piata Romana. It's 4:42, and my flight is going back to Madrid (where I live and work, though I'm from Seville, where I lived before coming to work to Bucharest last year) at 7:30. When I finish writing this e-mail, I'll call a taxi company, maybe Taxi 2000, maybe Confort Taxi, maybe Leone Taxi, and I will go to Baneasa, to take my BlueAir flight to Madrid. And I'm so mixed of feelings... you don't know about that. I wolud like Steaua to win the Intercontinental Cup man, and all of you (with me, for sure) enjoying that moment. But, in addition, I would like my team, FC Sevilla, to win everything, and in some way, I would like you to enjoy that. I know it's impossible, but I know you, and I know Sevilla fans, and we are so similar in the way we feel football. I hope you can take Dinamo in your league, and you win whatever you play, less the matches you play against Sevilla (and I know you understand me). And, by the way, enjoy, all of you, of your amazing country. I've travelled a lot around Romania, and I can tell you, you have a really beautiful country. I would like to have money and time enough to travel slowly around Romania, studying all the places, personalities and history about your wonderful country. I have many Spanish friends that feel like me about Romania. One of them is writing here: He's a good guy, though sometimes he is critic with the political or social situation. But I can assure you that he feels like another Romanian, though he is Spanish. Greetings for all of you, ¡¡Forza Steaua, and Forza Sevilla!!
  4. As SteauaToronto was saying, Steaua means "Star" and our team was founded by the Romanian Army (not the Red Army). In fact, the first names of the team were "AS Army", "Central Sports Club of the Army", and in 1961 that name was changed to "Steaua". Our first club colors were blue, yellow and red (like the national tri-color flag), but the russians made us drop one of then, so yellow was dropped. Thank you guys, it's clear right now for me. By the way. Is it a good idea to try to arrive Ghencea by bus?. I guess it's better to go by metro until Eroilor, and later keep walking until Ghencea. It will be a great traffic jam, won't be?
  5. I did not know that. And what is the origin of the name Steaua? I heard that is something about the Red Army, or the Soviet Army. Is it true?
  6. Well, it's even surprising for me, but I think there are a few reasons for it. I will try to explain them. First of all, you have to know that our ultras go to all matches in "La Liga", which implies a lot of money and efforts. Even the club, officially, has reported that the main objective this year is to qualify for CL, so we have to get at least the fourth position in "La Liga". That's the priority this year. This has led the people to think that UEFA Cup is not an objective this year like it was the last one. In addition, I think it's a bit early for people to excite about the competition. If we go through this round I guess more people will go to the next opponent's country. More: Sevilla FC is not playing very well lastly. More's playing horribly, specially when it attacks. We only scored one goal in our last matches, and the people are a bit disappointed about that. It's not a good moment for us. And finally, and I want you to understand me clearly, so I'll try to explain this perfectly: the image of Romania in Spain is not very good, and I guess that many people consider dangerous to come here. As I wrote here before, I lived in Bucharest for a whole year, and I've travelled around your blessed country. And I adore it. But not everyone has that luck I had. Some of the Romanian people who go to Spain is not for working reasons only, and you know what I mean. I KNOW THAT THERE ARE ONLY 5% MAXIMUN, of the total number of Romanians that go there. But I know it cause I've lived here, I know Romanians, I have many Romanian friends. But if you are ignorant about something, and the only things you listen or read on the media about something is negative... that's the matter. In Spain the media is not always fair with Romanias, because of the few of you who don't behave properly there. It's exactly the same mistake like thinking that all the muslims are terrorists because some of them put bombs. I hope I expressed clearly, and that no one feels sad about my words. It's only a problem (for both of us), and every problem has a solution. Ok, SteauaToronto, I hope that this answered your question. I regret that no Sevilla FC ultras have come, cause the first time I went into Ghencea and saw your Peluza I felt a very similar sensation that I used to feel in the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium when I could go to the matches there.
  7. Does anyone want to discuss about the match with me in this thread? I'm a Sevilla FC supporter who lived for a year in Romania. I've come back to see this match.
  8. Yeah, just a bit.
  9. Hi guys! Some of you remember me from the threads about your matches against Betis. I was living in Bucharest in that time and I celebrated with all of you your worderful victory. I'm living again in Seville, and right now is going there my team. Bad luck I have, guys. But I hope to manage to get there with all of you and taste the flavour of the European matches with two of my favourite teams. I hope you have luck in the Romanian League, cause this year the "caine rosu" are strong. I was in the match Dinamo - Steaua with another Spanish friend. I remember perfectly all the incidents between your supporters and the police. It was amazing, and really sad. It will be a nice match, and I hope that the team which gets the pass, will win the cup in Glasgow. I guess not many Sevilla FC supporters will go to Bucharest, cause it's too early in the competition, but I hope to be with them. And I hope to see: "bine ati venit la Bucuresti" . Well guys, see you soon, ¡la revedere!.
  10. Agree with you!!
  11. Well... I have so many feelings inside that I cannot explain myself. I'm very happy about living in Bucharest, I told it already in this forum. But I'm really sad nowadays for not being in Sevilla with my people, in our temple, Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, celebrating this great title. Yeah, Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán... Do you remember it? In the end the European Magic has come back to our stadium... 20 years later. I would like to congratulate you because of your great competition. The revenge is yours; this 0-4 is yours!!!!!!!!! In the name of Sevilla. Hugs. Seiya. PS: I will be at Club A tonight with some Spanish friends, celebrating the UEFA Cup. It will be easy to know who I am.
  12. I think is not a matter of noise... but anyway, if it was... Sevilla FC could win... ¡¡SEVILLA HASTA LA MUERTE!!
  13. May the force be with us... ¡¡FORZA SEVILLA!!
  14. You're a lucky guy, churupuky. See you in ¡¡¡VAMOS... VAMOS MI SEVILLA... YO TE LLEVO DENTRO... DE MI CORASÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓN!!!
  15. I think that Sevilla will have no problems in advancing to the final stage, since this team Schalke is not big deal, afterall they hardly got a draw in yestarday's game, and that with the help of the referee... For Steaua it will be harder since Boro is a strong team who eliminated AS Roma and Stuttgart or defeated in Premier League teams like Man. U. and Chelsea... I'm not so sure like you, Stryker, but thank you for your confidence. Maybe we'll see, but you have not cleared me why do you want Sevilla and not Schalke...