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  1. Hello from Bulgaria, Romanian friends! I just pass by to give you our support in your protests against the government. We haven't forgotten your support to us in September 2011. We wish you good luck, and be strong! We understand you very well. We always hear promises and promises, and promises from our politicians, but nothing has imroved in the last 22 years. We share similar destiny, unfortunately. See this: We already managed (throughout protests) to force the Bulgarian parliament to issue a moratorium against shale gas. I understand you have the same problem as us with reference to the shale gas. The poster above is about a protest against the shale gas in front of the Romanian embassy in Sofia on 26.01.2012. The text is: "Two nations- one water! Two nations- one purpose!" We don't want this f*cking capitalists to damage our common fertile lands. Good luck, brothers! And be united- no matter Steaua, Rapid, Dinamo, Poli or anyone's supporters!