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  1. Hello guys, I am not often on this board but still follow Steaua. It is nice to see them on top of ranking, but it is sad to see how poor they play! It is a hard time to be a supporter of the club these days with such a history. At this time I do not see them recover quickly, I wish you strength in supporting your club! come on
  2. on the pitch the players have to show who is the best...on the side line the fans try to do the same by making atomosphere with singing and tifo! Respect for all who are involved with this.......I must admit that I love to watch/hear it, we as SCH try to do our best in our way, but cant compare with what I see with you guys. It is fun to see the "competition" between the fans........ But.....we played PAOK last week......and defo lost in atmosphere!!!!! They overloaded us with tifo vids on our forum.... lovely to support your team that way, but it is not a security you win a game with it ..........We are through...... so what I want to say.....it is nice to show such vids.......but the game is most important and I think Fenerbahce and Steaua are for sure the no. 1 and 2 of the group......in which ranking I dont know! Goodluck!
  3. Congratulations, you reached the groupstage of European League! I think, viewing the other clubs involved, it is a pretty tough league, so no Cl this time, but still an intersting competition with a few interesting games ahead. SC Heerenveen has reached the groupstage aswell, but I rather not draw Steaua......there are other teams I would like to draw as I think you are simply to good But as I said, interesting competition as there are not realy "poor teams" so every game stands on its own. For Romanian competetion; I will follow the game against "the Red Dogs" next Sunday.......goodluck!
  4. Since december 2008 he is playing football again. He signed a contract with Lodz, his birthcity. They could sign him for free as he had no club after SCH had cancelled his contract in August. Lodz hope he help them with his goals to promote to the highest level of Polish football, Ekstraklasa. A bit odd, he was worth 3 mil. euro when he decided not to play football anymore. He was on loan from SCH to Wiszla Krakow, knowing SCH new coach Trond Sollied did not have place for him in the first team. He wanted to go into business, but now after 4 months of cancel his contract he starts playing again, and the team can get him for free, as he had no club. I find it a bit odd, as can any player use this way now? going to another club after cancelling contract for free? I dont think it was all on purpose, but it seems strange anyway.......
  5. NEC/Nijmegen won from Dinamo at home with 1-0. I realy hope they will win the away match aswell!! We won with 2-1 from NEC today (in extra time they scored a penalty, which in my opinion wasnt one! ) NEC isnt that good, but it proofs Dinamo is much worse! :laugh:
  6. On August 24, 2007 Matusiak signed a three-year contact with an option for a fourth with Dutch side SC Heerenveen. In January 2008, however, he returned to Poland, being loaned for the duration of the season to Wis³a Kraków. He retired from professional football on 29 August 2008, only 26 years of age. Heerenveen's new coach Trond Sollied informed that he wouldn't consider Matusiak in the squad this season and forced him to find a new club. Presently Matusiak is recovering from a groin injury in his home city - Lodz. "Radoslaw rules out the return to football and is going to engage in business activity," stated the player's father. I am sorry for him his career has to end this way. I bet he had other expectations, but for SCH he was simply not good enough. I wish him luck in business.
  7. I found this on the Ajax site........anyone heared anything about it already? I know Ajax was after a few other Steaua players aswell, but this seems very serious as he should have an agreement himself with the club alread. 'Nesu in the picture to replace Emanuelson' 05-01-08 According to several Romanian media, the Romanian player Mihai Nesu is in the picture Ajax, AjaxOnline reports. The 24 year old leftback, who's currently playing for Steaua Bucaresti, would have to replace Urby Emanuelson if he leaves Ajax. It's not the first time that Nesu is linked with Ajax. In last November his name has also been mentionned. Several sources report now that Nesu would already have personally agreed with Ajax, but it has also been denied by others. Nesu is playing for Steaua since 2001. He also played 3 matches for the national team. Interesting is also that he was on a trainingperiod at PSV at the age of 16. Especially by the English media, Emanuelson has been linked with several clubs, and especially Tottenham Hotspur. Emanuelson said already he would be open for a move to another club.
  8. Merry Christmas to all and a happy and healthy 2008!!!!
  9. Group G Belarus - Romania 1-3 Holland - Bulgaria 2-0 Romania and Holland :biggrin: steagro
  10. Feanfan U Craiova - UTA 1 Steaua - Rapid 1 Gloria Buzãu - Unirea Urziceni 2 U Cluj - Gloria Bistriþa x Oþelul - Dacia Mioveni 1 Poli Timiºoara - FC Vaslui 2 Farul - CFR Cluj 1 Ceahlãul - Pandurii 1 Poli Iaºi - Dinamo 1,x
  11. Off topic What a coinsedence, wasnt aware of it! I just noticed that SC Heerenveen has played a friendly against Skoda Xanthi here in Holland...no clue it was the same team! We won 3-2 by the way. Unfortunately I wasnt at the game. For Georgiou (hope he is still around!) http://www.feanfans.nl/fotos/0708/heexan/heexan.htm
  12. Feanfan FC Vaslui - Oþelul 1 Dacia Mioveni - U Cluj 1 Dinamo - Gloria Bistriþa 1 UTA - Poli Timiºoara 1 Unirea Urziceni - Steaua x,2 Rapid - U Craiova 1 Pandurii - Gloria Buzãu 1 CFR Cluj - Ceahlãul 1 Poli Iaºi - Farul 1
  13. @Innuendo( if he is still around!!) SC Heerenveen has signed the Polish Radoslaw Matusiak. Do you know this player Innuendo? Can you tell me something about him?
  14. I didnt hear anything about interest for Bostina to Heerenveen, but scouting is always very "secret", we hear real names when signing is confirmed! We just signed Paulo Henrique, an attacker. The team of coach Gertjan Verbeek scouted the 18 year old attacker of Atlético Mineiro on a youth tournament in Terborg/Holland. Paulo Henrique made this year his debute on the highest level in Brazil. The talent played 13 matches and scored 3 times for Atlético Mineiro in the Campeonato Brasileiro. I think we need a midfielder....kind of player as Bostina, but I see Xanthi is much more direct in approaching and offering....so I dont think he will come to Heerenveen. For the nightlife.....there isnt much in Heerenveen, so would be good for him though :biggrin:
  15. Feanfan U Craiova - Unirea Urziceni 1 Steaua - Pandurii AMANAT pe 12 septembrie 1 Gloria Buzãu - CFR Cluj 2 Gloria Bistriþa - Dacia Mioveni 1 U Cluj - FC Vaslui x Oþelul - UTA 2 Poli Timiºoara - Rapid 2 Farul - Dinamo AMANAT pe 12 septembrie 1 Ceahlãul - Poli Iaºi 1,x