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  1. I guess you are right to treat the club with suspicion, chaps - after weeks of f***ing around, they pulled the plug on the operation today. Veeeeery frustrating.
  2. OK, spoke to STARforce. I think I understand the AISS position. Have put some options for discussion for my LFC guys. Will get back to you once I receive some feedback.
  3. Sent STARforce the details last night and now forwarded them to SKK as well.
  4. Yes, that was the reason I actually wrote to Steaua FC whether they can help host a Steaua-Liverpool fans' match - I couldn't find a synthetic pitch for 11x11 (they only seem to build them for 5x5 and 8x8 for public use in Bucharest). - what kind of details would you like? Most of us will be in Bucharest 24-26 February. The team will made up of players from the following: 1. iLFC - - this is a team of Liverpool fans that plays in the Northern Football Supporters' League. The team has taken part in several Worldnet Supporters' tournaments and also represented Liverpool supporters in the Amizicia match with Juventus supporters in 2005. 2. TIA FC - - represented Liverpool supporters at the annual Eurofan Tournament in Lviv in June 2009. 3. RAWK FC - - played in Milan, Madrid and Barcelona with the local teams. For example, in the Catalan press: Several of these events have received coverage on the official Liverpool website www.liverpoolfc.TV - we're not playing against a side picked by the club.
  5. I would just like, if possible, to see at least an indication of interest in the match here. Perhaps, someone could volunteer to organise on Steaua fans' behalf. There was a lot of chat in the other thread but none of it was related to the subject. We'll have a Liverpool team, Steaua will provide a pitch and i would be surprised if there weren't 11 Steaua fans up for this but it would be good to hear something.
  6. Well, I e-mailed the club to say that basically we'd like to play a match but we can't really find a suitable 11-a-side pitch for this time of year (I didn't realise that all the synthetic pitches in Bucharest are for 5/8-a-side). Can you help? I got a very helpful and polite response - yes, gladly, basically. I provided the chap with the backgrround of the Liverpool team and said that I am currently in talks with some Steaua fans about them organising a team - i.e. this forum. So, it's up to you chaps if you want to get a team together. If not, I will have to look elsewhere.
  7. Steaua have confirmed the pitch. The time might could be confirmed closer to the time, depending on Liverpool's training plans.
  8. Just going to start the topic afresh as the original one got spammed with too much irrelevant chat. I wrote to Steaua FC yesterday asking if they could possibly provide one of the training pitches and I got a positive response today - the club is open to the idea. So, would that be more of an incentive for you guys to get a team together?
  9. Right, I wrote to Steaua Football Club asking whether we can use one of the club's training pitches for such an event and they pretty much said yes. Is this any more incentive for you guys to get a team together?
  10. It seems the Steaua fans in Ireland could get a team together:
  11. Hmmm... seems nothing doing in terms of concrete replies. Shame.
  12. What it be wrong to say that no one actually seems to be interested in playing football? If so, does anyone perhaps have any details of local amateur leagues? Could try a team from there.
  13. Oi, that nutter seems to get more chat than the actual subject of the thread.
  14. (gasp) Who is this man? Are there any particular users on this forum who are known to play football? (MIght PM them personally)
  15. It's for fun but in leagues. Amateur Saturday football in England tends to be a little more serious (the one I play in is the largest amateur league in Europe) and Sunday league a bit less so (all about running off that Saturday hangover). Whilst H&G are not nearly as ridiculous as Becali they have still managed to leave LFC in a very uncertain financial state. And on the pitch it's been a pretty depressing season so far. PS I am a goalkeeper, so quite looking forward to rolling around in the cold (and snow), if you chaps can get a team together.