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  1. Hello. I've created a 2012-13 Steaua team on the FIFA creation centre, with the latest away kit and good player likeness. This team should also be available to use on FIFA 13 when it is released. Mine is the FIFA 12 version created by LedburyGasBRFC. Link below. http://www.ea.com/uk/football/creation-cen...am_id=132463923 Thanks. I'm heading over for the game against Rapid next month, see you all at the National Arena.
  2. Thanks. Hopefully I'll get to go to a match. My father lives in Bucharest so if the game is played in a nearby city we'll still be OK as he can drive there. I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. http://m.hotnews.ro/stire/10016918 This site says Steaua will play league games at the Stadionul National from week 7 against Pandurii Targu Jiu. So maybe I will be OK. Would have been better at Ghencea, but if I can go I'll be happy.
  4. Hello everyone. So I'm coming to Bucharest again at the end of November and I hope to go to the Steaua vs Brasov match. I know of the problems with the stadium, Becali and the rent dispute, but I can't find out anywhere where the match will be played. Will it be at the new National Stadium? I understand that some of you have very passionate feelings about the way the club is being run at the moment. I'm not going to patronise you by pretending I know how you feel. I'm sure some of you would tell me that I should not go because of this, but it's rare that I get to come to Bucharest and I'm very much looking forward to seeing Steaua again, even if it's not the Steaua you all know and love. Many thanks. See you in November.
  5. Cheers. May be heading over for the Gaz Metan game in November. Last time we were in Bucharest we had about 8 pints of lager each in Whispers then God knows how many double vodka red bulls in Ballagio's, maybe 10 each, so you are more than welcome to get the drinks in! It was a good night but I still have a headache from it, and that was nearly 2 years ago.
  6. Hello Everyone, So I made it to Anfield. Despite the score we enjoyed the occasion. Great support from the Steaua fans even when it was 4-1. Here are some pictures and a video of our day with Steaua. Looking forward to the next time... Liverpool Steaua Photos Liverpool Steaua Video - Goal Celebration
  7. Thanks again for your help everyone. I've got tickets for the away section so I'm looking forward to it now. Do you think many fans will make the trip to Anfield? What do you think the score will be?
  8. Cheers for your help, I've got my dad on the case so hopefully I'll be there. Always wanted to go to anfield but I can't stand Liverpool, and my club (Bristol Rovers) only get to play there roughly every 50 years!
  9. Thank you for your help. I guess the second question is how easy will it be for me to get tickets? I can obviously ask my father to get them in Bucharest but will they be available on general sale or will they all sell to people who go to many games and have priority?
  10. Hello everyone. I'm from England, my father lives in Bucharest and Steaua are my second team, I went to Steaua vs Rapid a couple of years ago and loved it. I want to go to the Liverpool vs Steaua game, but would like to go into the away section. I wondered if it would be "safe" for me? Would any Steaua fans dislike me being in there because I am from the country of the team they are playing? I'd be wearing a Steaua shirt and scarf but I wouldn't want to upset anyone in the away section. Otherwise I will go in the Liverpool end and stay quiet. Thanks!
  11. Well I went to the game and as I started making my way up to the stadium I did start to think it was a bad idea. Got in ok though and loved it, even though it was the most boring match I've ever witnessed it was a joy to see such passionate supporters. If you tried to take a flare into a game in England they would probably ban you from watching football for three years! Great stuff.
  12. Thanks for the advice and the reminder about the day of the game. I have read about the violence before and after the games so I will keep quiet and out of the way of it.
  13. Is it really that bad? I wasn't planning on wearing any Steaua merchandise, I thought that would be a bad idea!
  14. Yes we've got tickets
  15. Finally heading over and coming to watch the game on Saturday, really looking forward to it.