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  1. 1. Sneijder 2. Xavi 3. Müller
  2. Parma 0-1 Milan
  3. gol Thomas Müller fotbalist!
  4. probably subscribers (at most 7000) will have priority, otherwise first-come, first-served regarding the fans, stay away from this type of c*nts. they're harmless (usually) but grade A idiots
  5. pe langa G, si grupa A e tare
  6. aseara SuperPippo la 37 de ani. cel mai probabil asta e ultimul sezon. un atacant exceptional
  7. wait to see our captain nr. 16: Banel THE RRRRRRRRROCKET Nicolita also known as the right-foot version of Robben 0-3 ciuciu $ gigiiii
  8. o groaza de suedezi in tribune... cel putin 80.000
  9. capodopera.
  10. meciu' Serbia - Ghana de la 17:00 o sa fie interesant
  11. cred ca il confunzi cu Alan Smith dar nu e nici glorios, nici negru l.e. super echipa. terminatia ic e covarsitoare
  13. wtf