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  1. dece stadionul nu afost plin?
  2. si un patron.........
  3. Nu se poate asa ceva!!!!! sant in Israel si nu am vazut niciun meci al Stelei in CL rusine!!!! **** Pro TV!!!!
  4. serios?? Hagi este timpit la cap?!?!
  5. unde este EMEGHARA?!
  6. Emeghara e apt de joc? si Ghionea?
  7. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: foarte tare
  8. Zapata Golanski - Goian - Ghionea - Emeghara Nicolita- Dica - Petre -Cristocea Badea- Iacob Slavia - Steaua 0 - 3 Dica- minutul 25 Badea - minutul 60 Iacob - minutul 88
  9. O discutie cu un suportert a lui Sparta praga: Valdes? (?PM? ?07:41)? : Hi friend are you supporter of Steaua Bucuresti? Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:00)? : YES Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:01)? : slavia praha? Valdes? (?PM? ?08:01)? : I'm supporter of Sparta Prague - traditional rival of Slavia. I wish you good luck for win against shit slavia :-) Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:02)? : Lol thanks dude..... Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:02)? : and i wish good luck in the UEFA cup { come back to the CL} what can you tall me about slavia? Valdes? (?PM? ?08:13)? : Thanks :-) Slavie won one league titul in last 50 years :-D And They're first time in Champions League. Their big stars are Goolkeaper Martin Vaniak. He plays this season in excellent form, but his last match in season 2006/07 with FK Siad Most at Sparta - 5:0 for Sparta :-D . Second star is striker Stanislav Vlèek. He sometimes score a goal :-D Biggest star is Vladimír ©micer. In All teams, where we played, he won minimal one trophy (in Liverpool UEFA cup and Champions League). But he is more psychical help, than as player Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:16)? : Thanks for the info..... do they have some injured players wo wiil miss the clash ?against Steaua? Valdes? (?PM? ?08:18)? : Now, I think, taht nobody is injured. Only ©micer have strentched muscle in thigh Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:19)? : and one more thing... do Slavia is a good home team? { i mean- do they lose a lot in their own stadium?} Valdes? (?PM? ?08:19)? : And Du¹an ©vento (very fast winger) is injured for many long time Valdes? (?PM? ?08:20)? : yes their are big lamas :-D Their Stadium isn't their. His new stadium is here I think that you have good chance to win Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:23)? : ok....... so how are your big derby match ? {i mean in the aspects of ? atmosphere, hools, and so on...} Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:23)? : *matches Valdes? (?PM? ?08:23)? : i send you two links to videos of last derby from Sparta stadium in last two years :-) Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:24)? : i'm waiting...;-) Valdes? (?PM? ?08:25)? : 2006 Valdes? (?PM? ?08:25)? : 2007 Valdes? (?PM? ?08:26)? : there is highlights from year 2007 Valdes? (?PM? ?08:28)? : last derby was sold out after 14,5 hours of selling :-) Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:32)? : nice dude........ your rivaly is like ours with the Dinamo scums...... your domestic ?league had begun? Valdes? (?PM? ?08:35)? : oh yes :-D This weekend we wil play 5. round Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:36)? : ok and in what form is slavia? they play good and ?efficient football? or they play like a team from albania:-D? Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:37)? : *slavia is Valdes? (?PM? ?08:37)? : :-D They have all 12 points and obtained only one goal. But they have many chances to score a gol Valdes? (?PM? ?08:37)? : *goal Valdes? (?PM? ?08:39)? : they play good combination football but against Ajax they played on counterattack Valdes? (?PM? ?08:39)? : s Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:41)? : hit so they're in good form {forgive me for my english mistakes i'm really drunk righy now:-!} and how is thier fans?racict ?violent ? or just bunch of faggots? Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?08:41)? : *right Valdes? (?PM? ?08:42)? : just bunch of faggots :-D :-D Valdes? (?PM? ?08:43)? : Only some Spartans fans are racist :-( maximal. 30 :-) Valdes? (?PM? ?08:48)? : They's nick is Cryers :-D And they are forever second (after Sparta) :-D Valdes? (?PM? ?08:52)? : the better word is crybabies Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?09:06)? : lol *JOKINGLY* say.....who's Daniel pudil? {slavia transferd him today..} Valdes? (?PM? ?09:08)? : It was key player of FC Slovan Liberec, which drived car with 1,77 promile last week :-D Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?09:09)? : hahahahhaha Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?09:09)? : he's a good player? Valdes? (?PM? ?09:11)? : Yes he is nursling of Sparta and we interested for him this summer, but he is very moody Valdes? (?PM? ?09:11)? : midfielder Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?09:15)? : i don't know... yes, when every football fan in europe thinks about the Czech football he thinks about sparta...... but i'm a bit frightened from this team.... you know, they still won home and away ?against Ajax..... Valdes? (?PM? ?09:16)? : it was very big big big luc Valdes? (?PM? ?09:16)? : ca Valdes? (?PM? ?09:16)? : away - Ajax had many chances and one penalty and slavia only one penalty and won 1-0 Valdes? (?PM? ?09:17)? : at home they played for counterattacks because Ajax had to win Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?09:18)? : smart team....... that's why i'm ?frightened.... but, with a good game of this player we wiil beat the shit out of them Valdes? (?PM? ?09:21)? : how much he cost? :-D Steaua rosie? (?PM? ?09:22)? : now? about 8 milion euro {i'm not kidding} and when smicer wiil come back? Valdes? (?PM? ?09:23)? : oh it's much for Sparta :-( :-D I don't know I will contact you, when I will know it
  10. sper sa fie transmise si la PROTVintl
  11. der eu nu sunt in Romania..... atunci- o sa fie transmise si lo pro-TV international?
  12. Meciul va fi transmise si la ProvtvIntr???
  13. cred ca ai dreptate in legetura cu Iacob....... dar nu am inteles chestea cu Dady Este interzisa citarea in intregime a postului anterior. Citeste regulamentul.
  14. Cred ce cea mai buna solutie ar fi cam asa: zapata Andrey vitca golanski Ghionea Goian eme badoi rada Iacob Marin Nicolita plesan Radoi Dica Croitoru bicfalvi Petre Cristocea Badea Iacob Neaga zaharia rezervele rezervelor: Cernea nesu Ochirosii Lovin
  15. Bai taceti din gura, ca dace ar fi fost 2-1{2-2- gafa lui Radoi} , toata lumea ar fi spus ca Steaua a facut un meci bun. pe scurt- repriza a I- un meci slab reprixa a II - spectacol