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  1. I wish you all the best for UEFA-Cup game and will be with you with the deepest of my heart. It's nice to see that a club like Steaua is coming back again after so many years, where it belongs. So long, crush the rich, VIVERE ULTRAS PER VIVERE! Regards from Vienna. many thanks for your message, much appreciated! hopefully will do just that...crush the english , they are far too arrogant and deserve a good bash!
  2. Steaua isn't Basel! no further comment see ya next Thursday!
  3. I really hope they do(run out of gas) :)it is vital that we qualify into the final...and with a bit of luck win it. May 10th 2006 is the perfect day to celebrate(hopefully with another cup)... the 20 years since the dramatic game that won us the european champions cup(first by an eastern european club) A new european cup will be an enormous morale boost for the new generation of players and for romanian football in general.
  4. 3 milioane? exagerarea se poarta la noi in campionat, si Gigi cerea odata 20 de milioane pe Cristea , mersi de info
  5. cum de Gigi sau Meme inca nu au pus ochii pe Mazilu? asta trebuie sa fie mai usor de transferat decat cocis, Mazilu inscrie meci de meci, evident...are simtul golului! ne-ar prinde bine atacantul asta
  6. political correctness...what a dreadful thing it has gone mad in some countries, when it gets here...I shall be very upset Steaua's coach Cosmin Olaroiu went to england to watch portsmouth - middlesbrough live...he came back a bit disappointed...because there wasn't much to see...boro's top players did not play
  7. Don't call them ROMA, that's a made up word...intended to spread confusion so that by association...'roma' to be taken for 'romanian' or the other way around.Etymologically...the word 'roma' has no bearing on this ethnic group...GYPSIES..that's the proper word...carries stigma...if you know what I mean...when you say 'gypsy' our mind springs to 'dirty', 'smelling','thieves','beggars','criminals'...a stigma created by their way of life...they are immune to work and carry the criminal gene, there isn't much to do...we've tried..., they won't change! foreign NGOs have given them a new name 'roma' or 'romany'(you see how close that is to 'romanian')and are trying to have 'gypsy' classified as politically incorrect. Funny thing...over 90% of our gypsies...never use 'roma' or 'romany'...they haven't got used to it and freely admit that they are called gypsies. But thanks to 'roma' and 'romany'...all gypsies in europe are said to come from Romania...though they may come from at least 10 different countries....and us...romanians, sometimes, are discriminantly treated because of this unlawful word game. In romanian the word for GYPSY is TIGAN... TIGAN is derived from the indian(some dialect out of hundreds) 'ti gange' meaning 'from beyond the river Gange'...this particular tribe migrated to europe many centuries ago. Life isn't that bad in this country as income figures give the impression, when you come to bucharest you'll see what I mean. God knows how much tax we pay to support these gypsies who refuse to work but rake in benefits for the many offsprings they have. Living off benefits is a problem in your country too, I know because I lived there for two years...unfortunately the number of benefits rippers is going's damn easy when all you have to do is get pregnant at 14(or younger) and get everything you want.
  8. we do, the fee for a visit visa has gone up from £36 to £50, what a rip off! there are people in this country who only earn as much as £60 a month.
  9. tips from your embassy
  10. it's such a pity we have no fish bar in this country not in my town anyway. I haven't had fish&chips for 9 months since I left england...and I'm getting desperate
  11. I want 50 thousand fans to shout as loudly as possible...Steaua, VICTORIE!Steaua, VICTORIE!
  12. If you bring 1500 fans that will be the best away support, Stuttgart brought 800 and Basel 340. The english game has changed many women and children go to games now because it is safe, the government made the laws very strict and the days of the hooligan are over because the penalties are so severe, i am sure you will have no hassle and will enjoy your visit to boro. not interested in pubs mate , I'm after two cones of chips and a large fish :)with plenty of salt and vinegar, any fish bar near the stadium?
  13. please do make sure you're drunk as a newt just before the game :)at the gates the police will breath test you for alcohol, hopefully the number of boro fans allowed in will dramatically drop to a few hundreds.