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  1. Hey MAN! Are u stupid!? I said to write my @ adress with "Y". Because you can make mistake and write as you write usually with "I" We hate you and your brothers from Dynamo Bucharest...they are not brothers to us!))) Communists? we also hate them! I do not understand you. Wait for next time. May be u will be morу "no fear lads" next time! good luck in UEFA CUP! waiting for photos!
  2. As I understand wanna say that you have not hooligans in Bukurest1??????))))))))))) 100 top lads were in your TOWN! And you simply were frightened of us! about 1-1 ...if this game were FAIR PLAY...the score should be 1-3. And you know about it.
  3. Hello! I do not wanna speak about game and about that your hooligans are cowards... all this moments in past. If you have photos of our (Dynamo Kyiv) sector on your stadium. Send it to me pleace. [email protected] 1 moment... dynamo with "Y" not "I" Thanks
  4. Yes. Of course we know that this banner too small.... but AS I said many posts ago...we just began, we do only first steps in ultras culture. Of course I understand people from Bukuresti who visit Kyiv....and saw and hear stupid horns... but you must know that Ultras and Hooligans do not blow in horns... we try to do something with this... but is unreal... stupid bastards do noy understand, that support and fuckinf horns are not the same.... And I think that away fans understand that Ukr.police are fucking bastards! I saw you have troubles with police. ACAB!
  5. Who said you that I was not on tham match? Please, do not speak with me. You are primitive.
  6. I know lads who were in that action! The were about 20! But not 30 or 40 etc...! And I moment! I do not belife fucking press! And if you were not in that not speak about this action. Because you look very fun!)))
  7. FIRST OF ALL!!!!!!!!! WE NEVER USE WEAPON!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!! In UKRAINE nobody use WEAPON!!! THIS IS RULE!!! AND OUR HOOLIGANS DID NOT USE WEAPON WHEN BEAT YOU HOOLIGANS!!!!!!! 100% FAIR PLAY!!! AND I BELIVE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE WEAPON WHEN WE COME TO YOU! Photos were made by one man. He is not hooligan! He just like to do good photos!
  8. HI! You have questions? As I said ... 22 players and 90 minutes will show who is better. This time you were better! Good luck with real and lion. You can watch good photos And P.S. You are not polite to Dynamo and Dynamo fans! Your message saw a lot of hooligans of Dynamo! Be ready to big troubles in Bukuresti! :twisted:
  9. Hi! I can not tell you this information. Confidence!
  10. I have a big question you said that u are an ultras, so why are un interested in hooligans?? It's strange because there are 2 different things, in RO, hooligans do not stay along with ultras(except Rapid :lol: :lol: ) So what are u? ultras or hooligans? or just an internet guy who wants to make some impression around here. And another thing, we do not fear either the ucrainian ultras or the hooligans one. PS: Please if u cand find the band that plays on the background of those 2 videos.Thx. I am ustras, but I am moderator on site And some qestions I asked you, because another lads wanna know and see your vidios. WE FEAR NO FOE!
  11. Sorry. But I do not use Messanger(( Only ICQ 308-277-576
  12. FOR ALL!!! I do not Interesting in Steaua ULTRA ACTIONS! I am interesting in HOOLIGSANS actions! And not your common hardcore. Only Steaua hooligans video!
  13. Hi! Nevermind about Kyiv ))) About train. If you go from Chernivtci to Kyiv it will cost 10-15 dollars! Of course you can speak with conductor...but you should pay him/her. And the way fron C. to ca. is very long.... The main problem in next. You do not know Ukr or Rus language! And conductors do not know Rom or Eng))) About autostop. Autostop- as I understand this word, this is FREE! Any Money! You can change 20 mashins or you can get 1 mashine right to Kyiv! It depens of Lucky!))) I think there are a lot of busses to Kyiv.
  14. Your English is very bad, I do not understand you! Try to wriht better! I know about guest rools! But I have my owne too! ))) I do not understand why are you so sure that Steaua better than Dynamo? This is football, and everything can be!