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  1. It would be desirable to know: How was your fans-motion engendered? What for you yet enemies (besides dynamo ? Who for you friends? Your most successful and interesting actions on a stadium. What now do you have ultras-groups on support of command? And it would be desirable to talk with a man which prepares perfomance to the matches, leader of some group... thanks
  2. Hello! I'm from Moscow, Russia. I am ultras of CSKA Moscow. I write the article about Steaua and them ultras You would not could to help me in collection of material! desirably English-language, because Romanian I do not know :smile: Grets from Russia :steag_steaua_ro:
  3. Many thanks! But I consider all, that my idols without problems will pass in group... The contender not difficult... Such should pass! In turn I too wish to wish you of good luck in a tomorrow's return match with the Standard, despite of a drawn game 2-2! Well you should win houses! Well and you guys supporting team so that you played a group stage! So we shall meet in group and suddenly! Everyone in a life happens...
  4. Class picture! steagcruce2
  5. Guys, and what attitudes at you with other army clubs? Partizan Belgrad, CSKA Sofia, Legia Warsaw...
  6. No, Spartak it not police club, police club in Russia is a Dynamo. As well as at you!
  7. 2Rossoblu Thank! To tell the truth was a fan of you then! It is a pity that you have not won Against us now the purpose - to win League of Champions! Here so not modestly declares our management! Well and we shall try to support our command! The beginning have put quite good, IMHO! 2gone Our main enemies - Spartak Moscow and sorru for my english :wink:
  8. Hi guys!! It would be desirable to hear your opinion in occasion of CSKA Moscow and its fans!!! In fact much unites our clubs! At Our clubs - red-blue colors! Our clubs - army! With the best regards from Moscow, Russia!