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  1. I think that it is that which will occur bus now one has many offensive attacker and millieu, I thus think that Jean Claude Plessis will drop the track Dica and Iacob but that it will take it again this winter.
  2. Because the challenge in France is more interesting than here it should be acknowledged! the palmares does not count, the FC sochaux is league 1. the FC sochaux is also a very good club which is used very very often as springboard for the players. And for the moment the FC Steaua is not qualified yet... thus if our president Plessis, makes him share of our ambitions can be that it will come... Because like I the sochaux FC made says it to you rebound very talented players
  3. Congratulations with your team, I did not see the match, and I would have liked to see Dica and Iacob The two players marked it seems to me, here in France the supporters of Saint Etienne and Sochaux are all in a hurry to see signed Dica with Sochaux or in Saint Etienne in any case the two French clubs fight to have it . In does your local newspapers, or your sites nobody speak about possible the departure about Dica or Iacob?
  4. yes but if Dica and Iacob do not want to remain or that they want to come to France because it is better a championship and their wages presques will be doubled! And it is in France or they will be seen better to move in other large clubs I would like that both will sign or then 1 only but in Sochaux one wants all that it will be Dica because we have enough attacker and Dica plays medium of ground Please, let leave Dica :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Yes Valter Birsa signed it signed 2 weeks ago, and we do not know what it is worth!! For Dica and Iacob, we saw several vidéos, and thus let us find we them all excellent one would like well that they come in Sochaux. Yesterday they spoke in our newspaper local about these two players and they said that one of both had already signed and that the other went signed Tuesday or Wednesday But they did not say which it was bus Sochaux is subjected to a clause of confidentiality insofar as its club disputes, these days, the preliminary turn of a cut of Europe voila j'essai de vous traduireen anglais l'article de journal ! The FC Sochaux should present three recruits at the beginning of next week. The tracks carrying out towards Romania are hottest. One studied all the tracks with the whole of staff. All is well reflected and sincerely, I think that one will have a beautiful team... "Joined by telephone yesterday, Jean-Claude Plessis showed himself entrusting and relatively serene. The sign which recruitment of Sochaux advances in the good direction and should know a fast exit: "probably, we will be able to introduce new players Tuesday or Wednesday. In theory, three recruits... If not, there will be two, the later arriving third of them ". A thing is sour: an attacker signed right now with the FC Sochaux. "But we are subjected to a clause of confidentiality insofar as its club disputes, these days, the preliminary turn of a cut of Europe". It probably acts of Steaua Bucharest which must play the turn qualifier of the League of the champions vis-a-vis to the Sloveniens of Gorica (the old club of Birsa). Two players of the Rumanian formation interest the FCSM: Nicolae Dica and Victoras Iacob. The first, 25 years old, can evolve/move at the post of leader of play as to that of attacker. t marked 29 goals in 58 matches under the shirt of Steaua. Its accomplice (26 years) registered 37 goals into 134 meeting of the first Rumanian division, 6 of 14 exits under the shirt of Bucharest the last year. Who will leave the hat? Only one of the two Roumanians, both? Silence on the side of the president sochalien to avoid any higher bid: "Yesterday (to read Friday), I travelled through Europe to negotiate that. The Rumanian track, it is possible... For the remainder, I cannot really anything with saying on the identity of the players who interest us. We must remain discrete. There are raptors so much that if clubs are well-informed, they could be put on the blow ". it takes a long time to read sorry ... In any case we wish to see these two players Iacob and Dica under the shirt sochalien... and for your club I wish that they go in champion's league
  6. Ok, one also speaks about another players who could come in Sochaux, they name Dica and Iacob...
  7. It signed this season ?
  8. hello, I am French and I support a club which names FC Sochaux! On our premises in France one speaks about certain Andrei Cristea which will come signed Monday... I would have liked to know more thing about him... Thank you