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  1. Hello Zob79, First of all my age is 40 and i'm also Ajax and Barcelona fan. So probably you understand i did knew Steau allready in 1986 and 3 years later when Gullit and van Basten (playing for AC Milan) elliminated Steaua in the EC1 final with 4-0 (2 x Gullit, 2 x van Basten). However, Steaua would never go out of my mind anymore.... In 2002 i met the woman who's my wife since 2003 in Arad. I watched the TV and saw again a Steaua that played opportunistic and full of bravoure and confidence like Ajax and Barca. They even played the same tactic and system. Since then i follow them more closely and i even visited some matches in Romania, like against UTA last year. I also visited the last 2 trainingcamps in Holland in Mierlo. From then i also have some contact with players when they are in Holland or when i visit a match in Romania. Especialy with Mirel Radoi and Mihai Nesu. From 2003 Steaua surprised me even positively with getting into the semi final of the UEFA cup a year later. But even dramaticly they lost a match that never should have been lost against Middlesborough. Since then many things went bad with Steaua. Becali thought he could become president of Romania and players were not cherished but humiliated. And also the trainers; Why did Protasov and Olaroiu had to leave since they achieved the best results in many years?! But these kind of problems are also going on at Ajax and Barcelona. It's like when one has problems, the other 2 have them as well with almost exact kind of problems. But for me it's like my heart for Ajax and Barca; For life, and also with Steaua; Stellist infocat si pana la moarte! Georghe Ogararu is not part of the Romanian National team, wich hurts me. We'll see if Romania under the lead of Christi Chivu (Ajax heart) and Adrian Mutu can make a stunt! And if you know when they will have trainingcamp in holland, please let me know at [email protected] Hai Steaua! Hai Rosu Albastru! Hai Romania!
  2. Hi Stellisti, My name is Bart Schrassen Szekely. I have been at the last 2 trainingcamps of Steaua in the summer in Holland. Both times intervieuwed by Romanian TV (TVR and Pro TV). Does anyone know the trainingschedule from Steaua this summer? I hope my rosu / albastru mates will help..... Bart.
  3. THX, i will go to the match at 18/7
  4. Hi Margot, Did they came to Mierlo agaian this year?? When was that??? I can take you a shirt from Romania, we wil go from 22/7 till 19/08. If you are interested write me at my personal e-mail adress; [email protected] I am dutch, married with an romanian. Ceau!! Bart
  5. There are details now about how to become member, but all in Romanian. I suppose i have to wait till there is an English subscribe form available? Greets, Stellist din Ollanda Bart Thanks man!! I'm a proud Stellist!! Specially for you...I will translate the conditions under which you can become a member of AISS. Just give me some time :wink:
  6. There are details now about how to become member, but all in Romanian. I suppose i have to wait till there is an English subscribe form available? Greets, Stellist din Ollanda Bart
  7. Can i also become member of AISS when i live in Holland? That would be nice! We visit Romania 2 times per year and try to visit the matches then. Last summer Steaua was in Mierlo for a cantonamente. I was interviewed by TVR then, remember? Hai Steaua! We will surprise Sevilla! Cel mai devotat fan al Stelei din Ollanda si sti tot a misca de grupe albastru rosu! Success with the site and AISS project. I hope to hear soon from you! Bart Schrassen - Szekely [email protected]
  8. It's a bad result. But opposite of the last domestic matches, there was a fair refferee, who kept his hand on a fair match. There are also some circumstances who made Steaua has not the strongest/ideal team in the field; Injuries of Radoi etc. No Ogararu anymore.... At this moment Lyon is even better than Real Madrid. So why not concentrate on a 2nd place in the poule. Madrid has a name, but Steaua is underdog. If Steaua is able to make at least a draw against Madrid, they have good chance to go to the next fase or to UEFA Cup.
  9. Ik wel dus.......
  10. Hey FeanFan, Interesse in some FC Steaua songs (mp3) on cd? Bart Schrassen, Hoorn [email protected]
  11. Okay, i will upload them now on your instructions. I have made an dv tape as well, but i suppose it's too big to upload it (2.8 Gb)
  12. Okay, no problem. I have made 35 foto's. But on almost all the photo's you will see, beside Steaua players, also me and/or the son of a friend. If that's no problem, i will upload them directly.
  13. I can't explain in words how happy you have made me. Dumnuzeu gave me a lucky day, thats for sure. I have downloaded the file and i'm able to show it to my family in Arad were we wil go for a mont on friday. If i could help or do anything in return, please mail me. FC Steaua, that's what friends are for! Now we will sit and see the Romanian supercup. Thanks anyone for all the help. This site helped more than the other 2 sites ( and the steau supporters website) It's very nice to have contact with Steaua fans in Holland! I will look at this forum more frequently. If i can help in return, don't hassle and mail me! Bart Schrassen - Szekely [email protected]
  14. That Dutch fan was me, Bart Schrassen Szekely from Hoorn, Holland. I have seen myself on the TVRi news, but not recorded it. Can anyone help me to get a videotape or digital file from the news? At TVR they only show alte stiri files in formats (flash and Realplayer) that can't be downloaded. Thanks, from the most dedicated STEAU fan in Holland [email protected]