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  1. congratulations mate i hope you get a good draw,and go out of the groups
  2. standart scores too bad...i am sure Steaua will take this game , Come ON!!!!!
  3. today CSKA won against Dinamo tirana with 4:1 two goals and an assistance for Trica and one goal for Petre Good Luck in CL
  4. Any of you coming for the game with lefski on the 30th of July ?
  5. Trica came in as a substitute and decided the game i hope he plays regularly for CSKA and help us for our campaign SAMO CSKA
  6. what does that mean btw i watched a video with Petre in the crowd ...and when the fans of Dinamo started singing about Steaua he didn`t sing
  7. yeah... we are playing with Dinamo m.uie Dinamo :lol: Tirana the last year our euro campaign started from Tirana...now the story begans to repeat i hope this season is even better in Europe for us p.s. good luck in CL Steaua
  8. any of your fans coming to sofia for the match against lefski ?
  9. don`t worry cheers for the title once again
  10. Trica in action
  11. Congratulations for the title you will qualify directly for the groups of the Champions League,won`t you ? edit:what had happened on the match Jiul-Rapid... 5 red cards :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. i am not sure,but i think he wanted to buy Hristo Yanev He took his shirt after one game for his son is that right ? Yes ,he still plays for us...he is a very talented player,but he is a little bit lazy :roll: He can win the game for us with only 1 or 2 moves ,but nobody knows when will he " wake up" and do them that`s the case with him...now he is not in his best form ,but i hope he will become again the star player,that he was
  13. Their girlfriends/wives ( i have no idea) were at least as good as them ...in some aspects :lol: P.S. i wanted to ask you something about Trica-was he a key player in your team when he played at Ghencea
  14. :lol: Yeah , that was a great show :lol: The Show is called "Delicious" :lol: and Trica competed with Tiago. He cooked fried chicken ,and Tiago (who is not our player anymore ) cooked cake made of carrots :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. well ...the things are not going so well for us these days... we sold Tiago Silva to AEK Athens :cry: and there are other star players that want to go away ... it`s clear that our first matches for the UEFA cup will be on 13 and 27 july Valentin Iliev,Yordan Todorov and Velizar Dimitrov are being wanted by Partizan ,but i don`t think they will leave the club that`s the most important at that time