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  1. that's incredible But Steau must go on and win the divizia A in order to retry the next year. There are wonderful player such as Dica or Radoi. I can't see the match but I think player though, we're in final too early. They are young maybe but this kid of game build great player. Remember Milan AC versus Liverpool in Champion's league. Keep going and win Divizia A!! Ps: Don't listen Dynamo suporters they never won european league. It's the same case in France with Lyon and St Etienne.
  2. Salut Sunt francez si vreau vez... I continue in english sorry So I just wanna see the football match with Steaua but I can't see it on TV. Can you tell me if you know a website wich propose the match live. I hope Steaua win the UEFA cup. Bonne chance le Steaua et bonne chance les tricolorii pour l'euro
  3. ok super si je trouve pas de live video y'aura le live texte. J'espère voir l'année prochaine un match Olympique Lyonnais contre le Steaua ou la juve pour voir Adi Mutu et j'espère une qualification des tricolorii pour l'euro. Go Steaua!!!!!!