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  1. Im visiting bucharest with my 2 teenage daughters ( no funny comments) what would you recommend to do for 2 hours :?: theyd rather not sit in a bar!
  2. where is plata muncii, your club shop. is it near to unirii of victoria plata? :?:
  3. thanks again, very helpful.
  4. Steaua fans! thanks for all your help, Ill keep away from the casinos! Neutral colours during the day but I do intend buying a Steaua shirt ! "Waste", Ill take your advice on visiting parts of the city,is the bucharesti mall near any of your recommended areas? May the best team win( c'mon boro! )
  5. red 19 , i thought Ghencea was being re-built? where is your club shop?
  6. Im mean before the match ofcourse!! :roll: