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  1. why not try Sevilla,just like a lot of Boro fans have done.
  2. your fans are great,met lots at the ground during the afternoon when we were getting the card display set up. Even sneaked a couple into the pitch area to get some pictures. Hope everyone got home ok and have some good meories of their new friends in England.
  3. well done to all your fans last night. After the game out in the streets clapping boro fans and they clapped back.Mutual respect which I am sure will live in the memories of thousands of boro fans. I was interviewd by yur TV during the day and got some picsof fans around the town and stadium.Will post them later.
  4. thats the sort of thing we have had since we went to Ostrava last season.a small mount of fighting at kick off,started by some Polish fans who had gone to fight the English.As a result any boro fan identified in pictures in that stand and seen to be involved in anyway(even protecting themselves)were banned from all football for at least 2 years. Make no mistake we do have a hoolie element and they are regarded as some of the "best/worst" football hooligans in UK.They are very selective of when and where they go. Teesside is a rough area with its roots in engineering and steel and chemical industries as well as we used to be shipbuilders,so hard work breeds hard people and hard drinkers.No worse than anywhere else in the world though. As far as todays game goes,fans will be mde most welcome as they were last night,the ones staying near my work in Stockton.
  5. most visiting euro fans go in the Square one,opposite the Thistle hotel or doc browns. You will be welcome anywhere as long as there is good behaviour. I will be in town during the day and the ironopolis workingmens club before the game. You are welcome in there.Very big place,gets about 500 in on matchdays,lets children in with their dads as well.cheaper beer than the pubs.3 pints of beer/lager for under £5.00 enjoy your time in the BORO
  6. all tickets sold out for Thursday including the 700 sent back by Steaua. Should be a very good night.Anyone up from cockernee land fancy a pint? Steaua fans on team plane today will be entertained tonight in town and again during the day on thursday. If they are at the Thistle its right in the heart of the pubs area.
  7. this is a copy of a mail sent to the Romanian embassy in England from a happy boro fan. Just e-mailed the Romanian Embassy -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thought I'd do a little bit of P.R. I'll post any reply I receive. "I travelled to Bucharest with 2000 other Middlesbrough fans for yesterday's Steaua Bucharest v Middlesbrough UEFA Cup semi-final. Before I left, I had read many stories about pickpockets, muggers, gangs of gypsies and packs of wild dogs. I am also aware that Romanian people were reading stories about the impending invasion of drunken, violent English hooligans. Hopefully, today we all realise how ridiculous all of these stories were. I found Bucharest to be a fascinating city, full of friendly, sociable people. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived to the moment I left and I saw no sign of any of the horror stories I had heard about before I travelled. Everywhere I looked, I saw Middlesbrough fans and local people mixing together and having a good time. I sincerely hope that the impression the people of Bucharest have of our fans is now totally different to what they had expected? We came for friendship, not violence, and I think we proved that. I hope the Steaua fans who make the trip to Middlesbrough for next week's game enjoy their trip as much as we did, they will certainly be well looked after during their time here. However, I hope they travel home with a heavy heart after watching their side lose 2-0 and be eliminated from the competition! A final word regarding the Bucharest police yesterday. Although they were represented in large numbers, they did their jobs with smiles on their faces and treated the Middlesbrough fans as human beings, not cattle. After the disgraceful behaviour of the Italian police when we were in Rome a few months ago, it was a pleasant change and we thank you. I would be grateful if you could forward this e-mail on to the relevant people in Bucharest to let them know what a superb time the Middlesbrough fans had in their city. Thank you." That seems to be the sentiment from all that travelled as reported on TV and local papers. he got a reply from the embassy as well. well done to all concerned,more friends made through football.
  8. hairy lemon,doc brown ,ironopolis club,anywhere arod that area. having a day off thursday so hoe to meet up for a drink or two .
  9. you could always but a ticket for the west stand or sw corner and then ask the stewards to put you in the away end. Worked last year for partizan fans from England.
  10. yes 3 semi finals in 8 days will be some achiebvement. As for today the ref as a jawdee,gave them everything and a wealened team out as well.
  11. hiya nutter,i am coming to Boro,will you take me out and look after me :wink: I will be flying from Thornaby International airport to the game. Seriously,anyone who wants any help with pubs,hotels please ask while there is plenty of time.