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  1. i second what harry says.will be willing you on in the future.
  2. good luck for the future Steaua hope we meet again in the future.
  3. time will tell. all lads/lasses are back from game now and everyone saying that they enjoyed themselves,and that the people of bucharest were very good to them.looking forward to the game and having a few beers with the people who decide to come over to watch the game.we have a very important game on sunday in the fa cup semi final,hopfully well win alex ,we know we will be in for a very hard time against you in the return game and will treat this game with the respect your team deserves.whichever way the game goes,im sure it will be a great game
  4. well done last night,but you may live to regret your missed chances. .you will come under a lot of sustained pressure at the riverside.of your two players that will be missing for you in the return game will they be a big loss to you?.hopefully we will have 3 very important players back against you.for those of you travelling over,you will receive a very warm welcome from our fans.we did not play too well last night but overall we are reletivley pleased with the result.the majority of boro fans are now very confident of getting to our first euro final,bye for now lads and look forward to the game next week and drinking a few beers with you guys,regards boronutter.
  5. you have to bear in mind that we purposely played a weakened tean due to a quater final fa cup game. we will win on wednesday and rest assured you will be in for a very tough game in bucharest!.all thye best wishes lads/lasses.
  6. hi,looking forward to our games against you. if you would like any information about boro,please feel free to ask.we have a site similar to this,please feel free to use it.the website is bye for now.
  7. hi,borofan here , any of you planning on coming over to middlesbrough for the game and would like to know anything about the town,or club ,just ask and ill help you if i many fans do you expect to bring to middlesbrough.? WE HAVE A FORUM SIMILAR TO THIS,YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO VISIT IT.BYE FOR NOW.