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  1. Before 1990, during comunism in Poland, Wisla was police, guardia club. Wisla was created in 1906 so this year is most important year in our history. Its 100 years of Wisla Krakow (we and our city rivals-Cracovia are the oldest clubs in Poland, they were also created in 1906 and they are older for few months. We want to reach titles every year very much. But this year is special for us Thats why I came here and asked You about Dan Now Im gonna paste adress of this topic to our forum because our fans have "hot heads". :wink:
  2. Thanks for answers. I feel better now Its different country, language... we must wait and give him chance. We have star in logo and because of that in Poland Wisla Krakow is very often called "White Star" ( Its like calling Manchester United -"Red Devils"). So Im happy that we have some similar things together
  3. Hello all Steaua fans ! Im really impressed with your performance in UEFA Cup and I wish you all the best in future matches. You will get this trophy You are big hope for clubs ! Because you show that you dont need to have big money to achieve good results in Euro cups. Keep going like that ! Im with You ! Im fan of Wisla Kraków, the biggest Polish club from the most amazing city in Poland, Kraków. As you know since few months (december 2005) our coach/menager is Dan Petrescu. We waited for the first matches of Wisla with big excitement. We all remember how great footballer he was, for what teams he played. But now we have some doubt about him... Our results since beginning of this rund: 2-1 (home win), 1-1 (derby away draw), 1-0 (home wind), 1-2 (yesterday, away win). Dan Petrescu prefers very, very hard training in the pre-season camps and during the season. We all see that our players play in bad style, they run slowly, they have heavy legs, they dont have acceleration. Many think that is because of those very hard trainings. We are afraid if Dan havent "crossed the line" with trainings. We are in situation where we fight for polish championship with our biggest rivals Legia. Every single point is very important. My point is that I would like to ask you about Dan Petrescu... We dont know how he was working in Romania. Can You tell me what is the characeristic of him as a coach ? How play the teams wich he coaching ? And should we be afraid of our Wisla... Maybe its normal for his teams that they have "slow run" and we start play better. In next month we have some very importants macthes and maybe he wisely wanted to set form for future not for now... But... I must say that we all love how he and his assistants (Stingaciu, Poljar) act in reserve area during matches Big, big thanks for some words about Dan Petrescu and once again: All the best in future ligue and euro matches !!! Tomi PS. If you would like to see some info about Wisla Krakow, thats our best site, with big forum and very actual news: www.wislakrakow.com (non official)better www.wisla.krakow.pl (official)